Providing a high level of medical, dietary and accommodation care for our beloved rescue dogs is expensive (you can see how our sanctuary is different here).

You can help by ‘virtually’ adopting one of our dogs – see them some of them here!

Instead of actually physically adopting one of our rescue dogs and taking her/him to your home, you can sponsor one of them and then receive regular reports on his or her progress.

You will be the official ‘godmother’ or ‘godfather’ of a rescue dog in our sanctuary from a distance while we look for their loving forever home.

To maintain our high level of care and space for our dogs, Virtual Adoption of one of our dogs is 20 Euros per month.

This goes a LONG way to covering their quality food and regular medical requirements each month.

If you have further questions about our Virtual Adoption program or Every Dog Matters EU in general, please email us via

You can also reach us through our Facebook Page here.

Our dogs thank you in advance for your generosity!