In 2023, we managed to make a dream of ours come true – we opened a small vet ambulatory on the site of our shelter. 

Its purpose is not only to provide constant medical care for our dogs but to also provide services for outpatients. 

Our chief veterinarian Dr.Ilieva and her team are available for preventive examinations, procedures, primary examinations and consultations as well as for soft tissue surgeries. 

We provide medical services on very reasonable prices so people with low income can still provide good care for their pets. 

This also allows people to help stray animals too when we are full and unable to take in more dogs. 

In our vet clinic, we also run castration projects. 

Our ongoing one is with the financial support of SPCA International and is targeted to home and yard dogs on the territory of Kostinbrod Municipality. 

We are hoping in near future to be able to provide a free castration program for cats as well. 

If you want to book an appointment with Dr. Polina Ilieva you can do so on +359 877902500

If you are a vet student and are looking for an internship, do not hesitate to call or drop us a note on vet@everydogmatters.eu