My Name Is Dexie

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NAME: Dexie

SEX: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: Approximately 5 May 2020

CHARACTER: Playful, energetic and friendly, Dexie loves to learn and is always in a good mood.

Dexie is very good at agility training.

Her character requires that she be in a single animal home with no children. 

HISTORY: Dexie was abandoned by her owner months ago. The sweet girl was so stressed and terrified of us and every sharp movement was making her jump which tells us that her life ‘at home’ previously was not a happy one.

Immediately after the end of her quarantine period, our trainer Marti started intensive work with Dexie in order to help her overcome the trauma she has experienced.

And Dexie surprised us all! She is extremely smart and is loves her daily training sessions with Marti. 

MEDICAL: Dexie has been dewormed, fully vaccinated and castrated.

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