My Name Is Adriana

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NAME: Adriana

SEX: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: Approximately 29 July 2020 

CHARACTER: Adriana is confident and social though she acts with caution when meeting new people and dogs. 

She loves a peaceful and safe environment. Adriana enjoys human attention and to be petted. 

HISTORY: Adriana came to our shelter with three more dogs. They were saved from being shot in a village near Ihtiman. 

Their savior managed to accommodate them in a farm while they were on our waiting list. 

They spent more than six months there, where they were unfortunately caged.

MEDICAL: Adriana has been dewormed, fully vaccinated and castrated. 

All our dogs are chipped and passport provided upon adoption.

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Please also consider a Virtual Adoption of Adriana for €20 a month – more information on Virtual Adoptions here.