We truly care about each and every dog that is in our rescue center. 

Hence we take finding the best forever loving home for our dogs very seriously.

We absolutely do NOT permit our dogs to be adopted for life on a chain as a ‘security alarm’ OR to live in a yard, never permitted inside the home.

Our adoption process starts with you filling in an adoption application form about the dog you are willing to adopt (you can find the application form in the personal dossier of each dog and here).

If you are not set on a specific dog just send us an email at adoption@everydogmatters.eu and we will gladly help you in making the choice that will best fit your lifestyle.

Once we review your adoption application we will get in touch with you to schedule a video chat. 

In order to have a productive video call we recommend that you prepare a list of all questions that you have for us so we can answer them during the call. 

And remember – there is no stupid question for us, better to ask than wonder! 


A dog takes up to 6 months to adjust to his/her new home so you should be prepared with PATIENCE and understanding. 

Once at home, the dog will open up to you on its own terms in its own time so you need to give it the space for that and to create a secure environment. 

During this 6 months you should NEVER unleash your dog unless in a fenced and well protected dog park.

We HIGHLY recommend the use of this GPS tracker if your dog ever goes off-leash.

You should also make sure that your dog has a pendant with their name and your phone number attached to their collar or harness too, in case you get separated (many pet stores offer an engraving service for this):

We believe a successful adoption is based on trust, love, patience and good communication. 

The only training method that leads to all this is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING

If you are not familiar with it but are willing to learn, we have got you covered – we will provide 5 completely free training sessions with our great dog trainer, Marti

Once the lessons are over, we will then be at your disposal until the end of the life of your new four legged best friend. 

We do have an adoption fee of 180 + a transport fee which varies, based on your location – this goes some way to helping with the dog’s passport, chip and legal requirements at our end.

Thank you for considering giving love and a forever home to a dog from our shelter!

You may also consider a Virtual Adoption of one of our sweet dogs if actual adoption is beyond your current life circumstances 

Virtual Adoption of one of our dogs is 25 Euros per month here.

This helps us to cover their quality food and regular medical requirements each month.